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Interview Preparation Coaching Program 

You may think you already have good Interview Skills. 

However with our help and interview coaching you will see the immense improvement in your interview skills.


This Interview Coaching Training is delivered as a In person Training, which will provide a more practical learning within our target companies. We offer follow-up training with an opportunity for additional practices in specific areas.  

Training Outcomes 

With T-Rex Consulting, What you can expect from this Interview Preparation Program is :​

  • Improving your job interview skills with our Interview Skills Training

  • Does not matter if you are an experienced professional, or a grad student we are here to help you 

  • We offer Effective Interview skills such as answering difficult questions, behavioral questions, situational questions and open-ended questions. 

  • Not only that but we do mock interviews practice for situations whether you are seeking a job, volunteering position or applying for an education program. 

  • We also help and support different interviews for medical school and grad school.

Human Resources & Business Management 

In most small and medium businesses must have at least two people that understand the Ontario Labor Laws , which include the entitlement to vacation, severance and benefits.

With this law companies need specialized management staff to assist with human resources operations and with this training it will prepare your employees to do just that. 

Training Outcomes 

With T-Rex Consulting, What you can expect from this Human Resources & Business Management is :​

  • You will be knowledgeable in the personnel needs in the workplace and the hiring and firing choices that must be made. 

  • Learn how to decide which candidates will be the best choice for the team. 

  • You will learn more than just reading test questions or reading resumes and more about the managerial communication between the hirer and the candidate 

  • We provide real world examples and case studies to help make the topic more understandable and easily accessible. 

  • Lastly we focus not primarily on the “How” to hire but the “Why”, so that managers can be flexible in changing the needs and the environment


New York Office: 39-24 Bell Blvd, Bayside NY 11361

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